How to Start a Blog and Make Money


Creating your own blog is one of the simplest, and lowest cost business ventures you start from the comfort of your own home.  If you have at least mediocre writing skills and are will to put some time and thought into creating content that people will be interested in, then starting a blog might be the perfect at home business for you.

The guide from Blog Starter does a pretty good job of showing you how to blog and make money but of course, it is easier said then done. As with any business, when learning how to make a website you will need to commit yourself to some hard work, particularly in the early stages of the processes. Starting your blog is just the first step. Consistently working on new content, while also promoting your blog, are requirements if you expect to be successful. Of course, everyone’s definition of a successful is different. If you are happy just making a few extra dollars per month then you won’t need to be as dedicated as someone who hopes to make a full-time income from blogging.

Either way, we think blogging is one of the best ways to make money online, but would love to hear your thoughts as experiences. Please leave us a comment with your thoughts on making money from blogging…